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NetScaler BLX on RHEL

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Harihara Sudhan
  • Category: NetScaler, Cloud, Security, Microservices, Automation


In this hands-on lab, you'll learn how to deploy, configure, and manage a NetScaler BLX appliance on a RHEL 9.x Linux.

NetScaler BLX offers a unique deployment option - it can run as a native Linux process on your bare metal hardware, delivering exceptional performance without the overhead of a hypervisor or container. This translates to blazing-fast application delivery.

However, NetScaler BLX doesn't limit your deployment choices. It can also be seamlessly integrated into your existing infrastructure by running on Linux virtual machines within private and public cloud environments, providing the flexibility you need.

Best for:

  • High-throughput environments
  • Latency-sensitive workloads
  • Granular control of your ADC deployment
  • Managing with common Linux deployment tools

Key benefits:

  • Hardware agnostic
  • Cloud ready: No certificates needed to run in cloud
  • Super-fast performance and Economical: No hypervisor or container overhead
  • Other Linux-based applications can co-exist
  • Leverage standard Linux and open source tools to manage the NetScaler BLX appliances

BLX is certified to run on RHEL

Check out this blog - https://www.redhat.com/en/blog/netscaler-blx-certified-red-hat-enterprise-linux
BLX in RedHat Catalogue - https://catalog.redhat.com/software/applications/detail/226397

In this lab, you will learn 

  • How to deploy BLX on RHEL 9.x linux
  • How to configure and start BLX appliance
  • How to access CLI in BLX appliance
  • How to access BLX GUI in BLX appliance
  • How to enable BLX managed host in BLX appliance
  • How to stop and uninstall BLX appliance

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