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Monitoring NetScaler using Prometheus and Grafana

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Ritik Jain
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Hands on lab to learn how to monitor Netscaler ADC using Prometheus and Grafana.

NetScaler is an advanced application delivery, load balancing and security solution for your web apps. Prometheus is an open-source monitoring tool that collects metrics data and stores that data with a timestamp at which the data was recorded.
NetScaler supports directly exporting metrics to Prometheus. You can use the rich set of metrics provided by NetScaler ADC to monitor and analyze metrics, track the health of your applications, detect anomalies, create alerts, and take necessary corrective actions to ensure robust software delivery. To visualize the metrics we can use Grafana dashboards and use Prometheus as a data source.

This lab will provision a NetScaler ADC and then guide you on configuring Prometheus and Grafana.

Click the Start hands-on Lab at the top of the post to try out !
Let us know your feedback or any issues in the comments section.

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Not working, ADC is not running:

root@cloud-client:~# /usr/bin/gcloud compute ssh adc-demo --zone=asia-east1-a
ERROR: (gcloud.compute.ssh) Could not fetch resource:
 - The resource 'projects/p-awsbwpwlbynj-0/zones/asia-east1-a/instances/adc-demo' was not found
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