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Data backup to a USB tape drive (HP DAT160)

Jeswin P T


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Hello Jeswin

This is not supported by XenServer at the Moment.
Only Options would be:

1a.) Atach the USB Tape to some Kind of Network USB Server, install a driver for that inside the VM,
1b.) Atach the USB Tape to a Server which can deliver it to the Network as an iSCSI target Device and configure the Microsoft iSCSI initiator driver inside your VM
2.) do the Backup from the inside of your VM ether to the Network USB-Port or to the iSCSI Tape now

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Thomas Wieckhorst
Roehrs AG

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XenServer 5 ? Really ? 


You are totally unsupported in any way, shape, or form. 


Shut down your VM and export it a local computer with XenCenter. 

Doubtful your hardware can support the lastest XenServer versions,

so get new hardware and see if your VM will import. 






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