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After rebooting my VPX on AWS, the local DNS request are failing and DNS servers get deleted. How to avoid this?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

By default the AWS VPC dns servers are used. But in some cases we might want to use our own custom DNS Servers.

The DNS Servers can be added in 2 way

  1. By creating a LB Vserver and adding that LB as name server
  2. in the /etc/resolv.conf which is updated by the boot file

the 1st method works on reboot as the configuration are saved in ns.conf but the 2nd one gets deleted as mentioned in Freebsd behaviour in Netscaler . If you are using the 2nd method then follow these steps to make it persistent across reboot

Edit the /etc/resolv.conf with your DNS and copy it to /var a file in /var/resolv.conf


root@ns# cat /var/resolv.conf

domain farhan.local

nameserver ---> This is an example of my dns i added



Edit /nsconfig/nsbefore.sh and add below command which will copy the file from var to etc on reboot and update the resolv.conf

root@ns# cat nsbefore.sh

cp /var/resolv.conf /etc/resolv.conf


Reboot the appliances and /etc/resolv.conf will work for dns

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