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nscli command?

Jeremy Labadie

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Does anyone remember the syntax to use the nscli command from the shell? I feel like an idiot because I used to use this command in scripts all the time, now I cannot remember how to use it! I think I need to pass the login credentials and ns IP, but I cannot remember the exact syntax. If anyone remembers I would really appreciate it.


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To add further if you are in Local netscaler you need to give loopback ip


For e.g

root@ip-172-31-14-238# /netscaler/nscli -U  "sh vlan"

1)    VLAN ID: 1
    Link-local IPv6 addr: fe80::471:71ff:fe2a:1b6e/64
    Interfaces : 1/1 LO/1

2)    VLAN ID: 98    VLAN Alias Name:

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