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I am using multizone HA deployment. My clients are connecting from both Internet and Internal AWS network. At present I am using 2 VIPs - 1 for Public facing EIP and 1 for the Private IP using route modification. Is it possible to merge them both ?

Harihara Sudhan

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Guest Farhan Ali

Yes, It's possible. The way you can do it is by using Multizone EIP HA and Multizone PIP HA together. Just need to add extra IAM Permission for HA PIP.

Lets assume we have a LB VIP1 with private ip which is pointing to EIP 52.34.x.x and is being used for HA EIP

and has ipset ABC

LB VIP2 with private ip which is being used for HA PIP across zone for route modification.

Now what we will do is

  1. Delete the LB VIP2
  2. The ipset ABC we will add

Now same LB VIP1 will listen for EIP traffic and traffic as well

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