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Unified Gateway with RFWebUI and CWA Self-Service. Is it possible?

Trentent Tye

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I would like to have Unified Gateway + Citrix Workspace App Self Service (or mandatory) store working. I am having some issues though.

My first issue, documented in this twitter thread, is that CWA doesn't recognize the way RFWebUI does authentication vs the 'deprecated' themes and so it just fails immediately.

I got a hint to create a AAA vServer and use that with the Citrix Gateway for authentication. This allowed me to authenticate via CWA -- it pops up a web page dialog of the login page for the gateway and I can enter my information.

After that, it fails. On MacOS it tells me "service unavailable" and on Windows it gives me the generic "Your apps are not available at this time" error message.

Troubleshooting further, I found an oddity. The domain part of the URL appears to be getting duplicated by the Netscaler (rewrite rules not applying or applying twice?)

2023-01-03_14-24-03.thumb.png.169fd52b19ee7136fbf9822e8e1fce0f.pngMy URL's end up looking like this:






Notice the URL is "citrix.getcontrolup.com" followed by cvpn and then the internal URL (https/storefront.jupiterlab.com)

The failing URL duplicates citrix.getcontrolup.com and adds it AFTER the first /cvpn

I have no idea why or how to tackle this.

I enabled SYSLOG on the netscaler and I see the following:

SYSLOG.thumb.png.804dd5636f7965d21381a3871b5cf443.pngThis appears to be hinting that the CS (content switch?) did not pick up the URL? I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Any ideas?

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