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Splunk integration for Netscaler 14.1

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Has anyone already done an integration with Netscaler 14.1 for Splunk to visualize metrics?
Is it correct that no longer the Netscaler sends the metrics data but the Netscaler ADM (new name Console)?
Do you get vServer statistics as well or do you still need the ADM for that?
And what about the COE (Citrix Observability Exporter)? Is it deprecated?

What is you favourite analytics tool for gateway, load balancing and WAF/BOT monitoring?

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Hi Björn

I have only played around with it briefly(prometheus + Grafana - NOT splunk), and you can export vServer stats directly from NetScaler, no need for ADM.

I use ADM/Console for WAF + BOT Monitoring + GW Insights. its a love / hate relationship, as there is many good things, but i tend to run into bug after bug, which complicates things. However, i keep support and engineering on there tippy toes 🙂

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