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MFA via a NetScaler Content Switch

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Is it possible / feasible to add an Azure MFA Redirection policy onto a Content Switch. The CS is public facing and directs traffic based on a policy/action to different backend Load Balancers?   I envision the traffic hitting the CS and would need a redirection policy to Azure , and once completed the traffic would be directed to the back end Load Balancer(s).

I know I can do this on a Gateway service, but then I need multiple Gateway services -  1 for each URL. Or I front the Content Switch with a Gateway Service, do the MFA and then hit the CS? 

Can anybody suggest what I should be doing, and point me in the right direction?

Thank you

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Thank you for the responses. I have successfully configured a CS onto 2 load balances and used LDAP/Groups for AAA etc. That is working, and also had to configure additional security , websockets etc for those "Security guys" Now they want Azure MFA  , WAF and Conditional Access policies  including audit logs sent to their SEIM. More to learn.. Thanks again - at least I am on the right path

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