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Nsconmsg SSL Stats help

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Hi all.  I'm digging into some system stats and using a few different SSL counters to get an accurate picture of the SSL Tx/s volume during a recent event.  There are three different counters that give me some good data but not sure they quite "add up" or should I look at them independently.  I can't find any good documentation other than a listing of metrics with a brief description.
When I compare these counters:
And use the -d maxrate they all match up with the date/time but values are pretty different.

Here is the output I'm comparing:

# nsconmsg -K newnslog.70 -g ssl_tot_sslInfo_ECDHE_Tx -d maxrate
Index           value     symbol-name&device-no&time
    0               908       ssl_tot_sslInfo_ECDHE_Tx                     Sun Feb  4 17:01:15 2024

# nsconmsg -K newnslog.70 -g ssl_tot_sslInfo_TLSv13TxCount -d maxrate
Index           value     symbol-name&device-no&time
    0               535       ssl_tot_sslInfo_TLSv13TxCount           Sun Feb  4 17:01:15 2024

# nsconmsg -K newnslog.70 -g ssl_tot_sslInfo_TotalTxCount -d maxrate
Index           value     symbol-name&device-no&time
    0               538        ssl_tot_sslInfo_TotalTxCount               Sun Feb  4 17:01:15 2024

If There was 908 ECDHE Tx, shouldn't the totalTxCount be the same or higher?  Or are these completely separate? 
Any help would be appreciated.

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Ok, but I still would like to figure out the best way to evaluate the Total amount of SSL/tps the Netscaler is processing.  Are you saying that the counter 'ssl_tot_sslInfo_TotalTxCount' does not include the ECDHE tranactions? 

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Hi Michael,
'ssl_tot_sslInfo_TotalTxCount' is indeed the correct counter when looking for TPS as it is regarding the bulk data transfer post handshake.
Whereas if you are looking for counter at the handshake level then use 'ssl_tot_sslInfo_ECDHE_Tx'.

Thanks and Regards,
Subhojit Goswami

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