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I need to upgrade a NetScaler from an "old" version of firmware to latest release. Is there a table that shows me the best path to follow?

Simon Cooper

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Technically, you should be able to go from any supported release to any supported release but Citrix will recommend that you go from one major version to the next major version (i.e. 12.1 upgrade to 13.0 then to 13.1). Backup everything before hand. Do the offline one first and try things out. And please make sure you have a download of your current release of firmware in case you need to force a rollback.

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Something that can get overlooked is the need to do some testing. Richard talks about it in his response, but having some kind of repeatable plan to verify some of the basics can help. You really need this before you let the users back in, as a rollback and re-planning of the update can take a bit more time.

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