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Trying to configure GSLB on 2 x VPX HA pairs, each pair in different sites. MEP status is showing as Down at both sites at the GSLB Site level. We've gone through the GSLB troubleshooting guides with no luck TCP ports are open for MEP 3009-3011 from each side, network team checked and verified, we've reset the rpcNode pwds and re-enabled, changed the source IP that RPC should originate from for the Site, changed the MEP traffic to insecure 3011. nstcpdump shows port 3011 traffic going to the local loopback address and occasionally hitting the secondary HA node (HA traffic) but never going over to the 2nd GSLB site IP. Are there any log files that show GSLB errors? There appears to be one for GSLB sync in directory var/netscaler/gslb but it doesn't show any MEP related errors .

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