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ADM Application Dashboard not showing all applications on heatmap.

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So ran into this at a customer that we have been upgrading since 13.0. They are now up to the latest 14.1 firmware for all the new features it has. When going to the application dashboard we only see a select few applications that they have permissions too. It says like 1 of 4 applications, or 8 of 31. If you drill down you can see they have all the necessary permissions to them. But just can't get them on that heat map dashboard. Is there some setting we are missing? Or is this due to us upgrading from older firmware? I can get some scrubbed screenshots if it helps.

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Hi Jeff - Can you please send me an email to karthick.srivatsan@cloud.com with snapshots around the user permissions and the application dashboard ? We can host a call with you and provide the necessary help via live troubleshooting if needed too.

You would need one of their admins to go to settings -> User administration and give the snapshots of which group, policies they are part of as we want to be doubly sure the user logging in has sufficient rights.

Please confirm if the user logging in is a custom admin or full admin as well.

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