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SSL client certificate is unbind when I'm making a failover? How to fix this problem

Silvia Dim

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Hello @Kai Thorsrud ,

In fact you and @Subhojit Goswami  are right. During the fail over the licenses are lost and should be added manually. Which is probably pointing to config loss. But I don't know why. @Sajeev Sasidharan I will find the ticket and will provide it.

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I would expect a lot of things would not work after a failover if you don't have licenses on the other side.  

I have seen HA sync issues when upgrading.  I have found that if the secondary is set to STAYSECONDARY when certs are installed, the cer/key files will not be there after unsetting STAYSECNDARY and failing over.   This would cause a bind failure.  

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