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How do I check what username/password the Citrix ADM service agent is using to communicate with the VPX/SDX?

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I’ve been receiving email alerts about once an hour saying our Citrix ADM Service Agent is trying to log into one of our SDX’s. This alert does not trigger for any other VPX/SDX.

If I have the agent “Rediscover” it finds all the SDX & VPX without issue.

Email Below

Major: netScalerSDXLoginFailure-nsroot NetScaler Critical Alert

Time : Oct 25 2023 18:18:32 GMT

Instance IP Address : SDX01 IP Address

Host Name : nssdx-mgmt

Category : netScalerSDXLoginFailure

Severity : Major

FailureObject : USER

Service : Application Delivery Management

Information : source : SDX01 IP Address, entityName : USER, message : Invalid "API" login for user USER from client IP Address ADM Agent IP, severity : Critical, Entity : SDX01 IP Address:netScalerSDXLoginFailure:nsroot, Device_entity_name : USER, Device_family : sdx

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