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How to exclude MFA (secondary authentication with RADIUS) when connecting from the LAN using nFactor policies

Gunther Imbrechts

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I'm running on Netscaler VPX version 13.1 49.15 and I would like to seperate traffic coming from the LAN and coming from outside the LAN.

On the LAN: no MFA with RADIUS required

Outside the LAN: MFA with RADIUS required.

Currently, I have two vServers and on one of the two I have configured a listen policy expression CLIENT.IP.SRC.IN_SUBNET(xxx.xxx.0.0/16) on one of them to achieve my goal.

But I think there's a more efficient way to do this with the advanced policies on nFactor.

My advanced policy is already in place but I don't know exactly how I should define the expression.

Many thanks

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