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which Ip does Netscaller LB uses as source to perform the health check on the backend node ?

Sarovani CK

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Hi Team ,

I have the below config as example , backend server is on and default tcp monitor is being used ,

So which IP will be used as source when Netscaller performs the health check .

Is there a way to check on the device ? any command ?



    State: ENABLED Effective State: UP   Monitor Threshold : 0

    Max Conn: 0   Max Req: 0   Max Bandwidth: 0 kbits

    Use Source IP: NO

    Client Keepalive(CKA): NO

    Monitoring Owner: 0

    TCP Buffering(TCPB): NO

    HTTP Compression(CMP): NO

    Idle timeout: Client: 9000 sec Server: 9000 sec

    Client IP: DISABLED

    Cacheable: NO

    SC: OFF

    SP: OFF

    Down state flush: ENABLED

    Monitor Connection Close : NONE

    Appflow logging: ENABLED

    HTTP profile name: Cisco_http_profile

    ContentInspection profile name: ???

    Process Local: DISABLED

    Traffic Domain: 0

    1) State: UP    Server Name: SRV_10.0.46.23  Server ID: None Weight: 1

        Last state change was at Mon Oct 23 23:24:31 2023

        Time since last state change: 0 days, 16:11:17.270

        Monitor Name: tcp-default    State: UP    Passive: 0

        Probes: 3680002 Failed [Total: 28072 Current: 0]

        Last response: Success - TCP syn+ack received.

        Response Time: 2000 millisec

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SNIP IP is used for health monitoring.

To check you can use the command - Show NSIP

If you want to check which SNIP is in use, you can check via packet capture.

you can check this link for reference - https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/citrix-adc/current-release/system/troubleshooting-citrix-adc/how-to-record-a-packet-trace-on-citrix-adc.html

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