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We want to implement Application Protection on Workspace App to secure the environment. What's need to be implement on a Netscaler to make sure that everything work fine ?

Nicolas Blouin

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We want to implement the service "App Protection" on the Workspace App client. As exemple, we want to remove the possibility to make printscreen on a local computer to protect the data.

What's need to be done on a Netscaler to successfully force this configuration (Rules, Policy, ect, ect)

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Ensuring robust Application Protection on Workspace App is paramount for a secure environment. To achieve this on Netscaler, consider implementing comprehensive security measures such as SSL/TLS configurations, authentication protocols, and traffic management policies. Collaborating with a reliable app development company can provide tailored solutions, enhancing not only security but also optimizing the overall performance of your workspace applications. It's a strategic partnership that ensures your digital environment remains resilient and future ready.

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