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How to check if there are any packets hitting the VIP ? Or the statistics of the specific VIP

Sarovani CK

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Couple thoughts,

First if you have ADM licensing you can enable Web insights on the VIP, even if its not a "Web" application it will still capture some basic data like source IPs, and show the amount of requests hitting each of the backend servers.

Second, You could create a custom syslog message that captures the CLIENT.SRC.IP along with whatever else, but remember to enable "User Configurable Log Messages" on the syslog server settings or it will ignore them. Bind to the VIP and that will at least capture source IPs answering your first question of "how can I check if traffic is hitting the VIP". Doesn't really tell you if about backend connections though.

Third, Run a trace with filter to only capture traffic to/from the VIP. Maybe this should be first... idk you choose.

Good luck.


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