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What can I do if the prmoetheus metric file metrics_prom_myanaltics.log does not update?

Jens Schneider 2
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I created the user, the cmdPolicy, the timeseries analytics profile with the correct name and binded the policy to the user.

I can access the file via HTTP Get without any issue, but the file won't update.

I had to recreate the user, policy etc. because of some troubleshooting reasons on monday, but the last change on the file is from mid september (could be the time where I deleted the user and profile etc.)

Is it safe to delete the metrics_prom_myanaltics.log?

Maybe this would trigger netscaler to recreate the file?



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Hi @Jens Schneider​ 

Few things to check

1> Metrics should be enabled with serve mode set to PULL and format set to Prometheus.

2> Ensure a minimum of 1 MB of space on /var/ or /var/nslog partition.

3> If the metrics file is not updating with the above settings, please check for errors in /var/nslog/metricscollector.log file.

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