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Does NetScaler provide an option equivalent to F5 Nginx queue directive ?

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Does NetScaler provide an option similar or equivalent to F5 Nginx queue directive ? 

One of our website's server resources are limited so we want to configure NetScaler to hold request hitting this particular vserver in memory and release requests when number or server connections drops to a specific number.

I also manage F5 Nginx where simple "queue" directive meets such requirement. 

I'm looking at surge protection, priority queueing, rate limiting and surge queue but all appear to drop requests instead of holding (queueing) request until server resources become available. 

My Citrix Priority support case is going nowhere so far.  

Thank you. 

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@Nicola Campaci  Thanks for the links.  Surge queue is a global feature that I would rather avoid as it may affect other critical virtual servers plus it has a finite interval of 7 retries within up to 1 minute.  After that NetScaler drops the request.   My requirement is to queue requests until number of sever persistent connections drops below certain value and never drop them. 

I'm looking at AppQoE but so far it doesn't seem to meet the simple requirement, either. 

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