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Creating Responder Redirects similar to FortiADC Content Rewriting

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I'm currently migrating configuration from FortiADC to NetScaler and would like some help with redirects.

The FortiADC config is as follows:

Redirect: https://exampleservice-$2.store.com/$3/rest/$4

ID                     Object                            Type                                     Content

1                       HTTP Host Header     Regular Expression         (cn-|^)(exampleservice|examplesservice)-docs-(test|dev|gates|demo).store.com

2                      HTTP Request URL    Regular Expression          /(store-spor|w8-rnh-spor)/rest/(.*)

How would the corresponding NetScaler Responder Action and Responder Policy look like?

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I'm not clear that you have provided enough information.  I see the Regex condition indicating when to act, but I'm not clear on what action is taken.  Please provide more detail.  Please confirm, based on the components of ID 1 & 2 you want them redirected to https://exampleservice-$2.store.com/$3/rest/$4 ??   I see 3 of 4 submatches used in the redirect-to destination but the total umber of group matches from ID#1 and ID#2 is 5.    What am I missing?

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