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Published a Desktop exactly like a Published app - Default ICA and or GPO


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Or can I even do this? I would like to/asked to by management to Publish Citrix Desktops be it Xenapp and or Xendesktop and have it exactly like Published Apps are where they show up inside the local/endpoint computer and users will not be able to maximize and cover the local toolbar. (This is my main requirement, that it can never cover the local machine)  I know I can turn off viewer from storefront and I have done that in my 2402 farm (I don't necessarily need that turned off but did because I didn't know if that was hampering my desktops showing in the same manner as my few apps I publish).  But the documentation on how to do this is spotty and a lot of info I have come across seems to be from many years ago.  So basically, what I have tried is take a copy of the [Applications] section of default ica and pasted below the [Applications] sections and used the delivery group name like [[Delivery Group Name] and/or [DGName S##-##] (I have tried both)] and played around with the lines turning on and off TWIMode and Seamless. None of that worked for me at least in the combintations I have tried. I also downloaded the newest Workspace GPO policies and played around with the section admin templates\citrix components\Citrix workspace\user experience\client display settings for endpoint computer and that has gotten me nowhere as well.  Anyways, I am pretty sure I have seen this done, but I have never had the need to visit this at least in the last 10 years or so, but the spotty documents seem frustrating....  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • dpt changed the title to Published a Desktop exactly like a Published app - Default ICA and or GPO

So, I can get this to window, with both ICA and GPO, but GPO seems limited to 1024x734. Is there anyway to get this to autosize to the full screen of the local desktop but not cover the local toolbar like an APP does?

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So, this gets me kinda close..

[DesktopName $xx-x]

But when I launch it, it launches not to full screen (restored down), but I can hit maximize and it goes full screen.... Does anyone know of a way to launch this to where I don't have to hit

maximize each time?

Other than that, this is close enough to what I needed..

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