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Maddening issue with Netscaler Console (ADM Cloud)

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This problem has been occurring for as long as I can remember. 

Whenever I am using NC, I will lose connection randomly. Sometimes system will work just fine for 20 to 30 minutes, sometimes 2-3 minutes. I can be working just fine, switch to another screen for a few minutes to collect some info or whatever, and upon my return, I will get the error. When I return, all appears ok, I might even be able to finish typing out my work. However, when I click on something in NC, I'll usually be greeted with a "session invalid" message. One of the usual messages is: "No or invalid session found". If I try to log back in on the same browser, I generally receive: "The page isn't redirecting properly". Normally, I have to kill all browser sessions before I can log back into NC. 


Not sure what's up, but it is driving my up the wall... Almost to the point, that if I did not have to use NC, I wouldn't... Others at my company have this same issue. 


Any help in this is most appreciated. 




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