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connection via storefront load balance work for sometime then say cannot establish connection

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Dear Team,

I have two storefront severs and I made 2 DNS entry to same base URL for both storefront Ip address; after configuring net scalar gateway with base URL, we got error saying cannot establish connection, we used one of the storefront ip and its working fine , i created a load balancer for storefront , please note that ,since our storefront is using http , from netscalar to storefront will be http, so for service group and virtual server  i used http and 80 protocol and port and used loadbalance ip address for storefront url , 

it works for some time then get error stating cannot establish connection, if i change the ip address or recreate the load balance it works for some time then stops 

i am not sure where need to be checked 


@Carl Stalhood @Rhonda Anderson

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