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Device works in direct RDP, but not through Citrix Workspace

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I work for a healthcare clinic. We utilize Citrix to get into and use our EHR software in the clinics. We recently have been setting up an EKG software with Hill Rom to integrate with our EHR software.

I have everything ready to go except one spot. The spot that actually sees the EKG Leads that would be attached to the patient. We get an error that states the Virtual channel can't be reached ensure it is configured and try again.

1.) there is no way to configure this "virtual link" I installed a software (Connex Link) they gave me and that's it, no configuring or anything that I can find. The installation is 2 buttons and no configuring during that.

2.) I discovered today that if I remote directly onto the Citrix server itself and attempt the test it works. The Leads are seen and everything.

So there is some disconnect between Citrix workspace and our software I am guessing. I am unsure if there is a setting somewhere or what that we need to enable.

I am running (2311) workspace version. VDA version 2305.0.0.102; 1912.0.1000.24525

Thank you for any help!

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