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RDP Proxy Capabilty

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We currenrtly have ~ 400 users accessing their Windows desktops remotely as follows:

  • Remotely sign-in to Netscaler/Storefront -> Launch Remote desktop as a published app -> Enter Windows PC name and start RDP session

This seems to me to be a poor pattern for the following reasons:

  • Layering HDX over RDP so optimizations won't kick in
  • Audio/Video poor
  • MS teams Re-Direction not possible from the RDP session
  • Maintaining roaming profiles/UPM and CVAD infra just for remote RDP capabilty

Now of course since we have the licenses one might say 'just use RemotePC!!!!' but our teams have no appetite for rolling that out and maintaining it :|

So.... is it possible to allow a native Windows RDP client launch a proxied RDP session directly from Netscaler i.e. one of the following

  1. Remotely sign-in to Netscaler -> Click a link to their desktop  -> Local RDP Client starts and proxies through Netscaler?
  2. Start Local RDP Client and somehow connect by specifying the Netscaler as an RDP proxy?

Also, it must be able to block copy/paste between endpoint and session, drive re-direction etc.

I see this ref: RDP Proxy | NetScaler Gateway 14.1



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Note that you'll also need to allow TCP 3389 from the internet to the NetScaler VIP along with TCP 443. 

Any users coming in from corporate networks, their firewall will also  need to allow 3389 outbound through the firewall.


Ken Z

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