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BSOD with 2402 LTSR

Oliver Buch


Hi all,

we migrated a Customer to latest 2402LTSR.

Installed new Servers for DDC ST WEM new SQL etc.

removed VDA and installed new VDA on 2016 ans 2019 Server. As well we created a new 2019 Machine.

All machines running without MCS won't have the BSOD. Only Machines created through MCS (Vmware 7 & 8) will run into BSOD. BAD_POOL_HEADER

We updated all drivers Software... 

Build the machines with cache volume.

And after a short time when users stress the machine they will run into BSOD. but not at any time and there is no rule when this happens. Sometimes at 3-5 Users per machine after 5 Minutes or one hour.

If no one is logged in we won't see a blueScreen.

does any one know about issues like this?






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What did you set for Ram size for MCS caching?  Also how large is the writecache drive for the machines?  If they are BSOD can you check to see if that writecache drive is getting filled?  I have recommended that all MCS machines be setup with a writecache drive that is 100% the size of the c:\ to prevent this from happening.

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Hi Jeff,

we checked this with citix support. In this szenario we was not able to get eventlogs or memory dumps. And it looks that there is an issue with VDA 2402. We downgraded the VDA to 2203 and this looks "at the moment" stable.

But we are investigatiing with citrix support team.


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