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Can't Export VM to OVA\OVF

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We have a few of stand-alone servers within our Citrix servers.
XenServer 8.2 CU1
XenCenter 8.2 CU1

I need to export these servers, but I keep having issues when doing so.

  • I turn off the VM
  • I right-click and select Export
  • Select my destination and format (OVA of OVF -  happens with both)
  • Advanced option (I've selected OVA - but also unchecked and left as OVF - same problem)
  • Then EXPORT
  • Attempting to import the OVA\OVF into Virtualbox.

The problem appears to be that the file is supposed to be reported as UTF-8 format, but when you're done, it's UTF-16. I attempted to open the file in notepad and modify the 16 to 8, but then it has yet another issue.

I need to get these servers out, but can't seem to get it to work.

I'm attaching a few different files.

- Falcon.ova - This is a diskless VM. It's one of the VM's required, but I detached the HD before exporting. I'm able to replicate the issue with this file easily. 
- CTX-TOOL.txt is the OVF of a full VM. This is what it looks like when you edit the OVF/OVA file in notepad. Note the UTF-16 at the top. Though with this full VM, if I attempt to modify the 16 to 8, then I get a new error as shown in attached image

I've done some searching online and there seems to be an ongoing issue attempting to export out Citrix VM to be used by Hyper-V, VMware, Virtualbox. I've started a conversation over on VirtualBox's forum and they helped identify the UTF issue, but not sure what else they can do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Falcon.ova CTX-TOOLS.ovf.txt

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Over on the Virtualbox forum, trying to gets some sort of answers on how to make this VM work outside of Citrix. It seems this OVF expects ResourceType 19 to mean "virtio-scsi disk". Something which VirtualBox doesn't recognize at all. 

You'd think that if you put in an export to OVA/OVF function it would actually do what it's supposed to do. I have no idea what Citrix has done since it seems that these exported files don't work with.... anyone. Was the intention that you can export XVA and OVA/OVF, but that the OVA/OVF files were intended to be used to only go back into Citrix? Doesn't make any sense.

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