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Netscalar implementation

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i have installed netscalar vpx 13.1.54 , i have connected 3 interface to that vm

in that one interface in connected to DMZ  via swicth and perimeter firewall

and 2 interface in connected to internal network via switch data center firewall

 nsip , vip and snip are in diffrenet vlans , and backend server also diffrenet vlan

i have changed the default route to dmz facing interace and configured pbr for nsip interface


i was able to configure everthing but while connecting am getting below error 

not able to establish connection .issue is only via netscalar gateway 


storefront doest have direct access to gateway fqdn , does it require ?

my routes are from vip it should be via snip which is another vlan  which has route configured 




NS Management



NAT with public IP


subnet Ip 1

Outward communication


subnet Ip 2

Inward Communication

storfront is



0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

what am i missing here 


storefront side i have already enable remote access and confirued gateway 

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