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Using Rewrite/Responder CRD and rewritepolicy but unable to bind lbvs to responder policy in ingress definition

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I follow document: https://docs.netscaler.com/en-us/netscaler-k8s-ingress-controller/crds/rewrite-responder.html

to try to create rewritepolicy (responder) example inside the doc (blocklisturls example). My steps:

  1. Deployed CRD (rewrite-responder-policies-deployment.yaml)
  2. Deployed this yaml to create rewite/responder policy:

apiVersion: citrix.com/v1
kind: rewritepolicy
  name: blocklisturls
  namespace: cattle-monitoring-system
    - servicenames:
      - rancher-monitoring-prometheus
          http-payload-string: '"bloqueado"'
        respond-criteria: 'http.req.url.equals_any("blocklisturls")'
        comment: 'Blocklist certain Urls'
    - name: blocklisturls
        - '/app2'
        - '/app3'

Then try to deploy ingress config as follow:

apiVersion: networking.k8s.io/v1
kind: Ingress
 name: prometheus-ingress
 namespace: istio-system
   ingress.citrix.com/insecure-port: "80"
   ingress.citrix.com/frontend-ip: ""
   ingress.citrix.com/rewrite-responder_crd: "blockurlpolicy"
 - host:  kialirtf.intranet.mango.es
     - path: /
       pathType: Prefix
           name: istio-ingressgateway
             number: 80


I see the responder policy is created successfully in NetScaler VPX and also we see the reponder policy created too. But the bind between lbvs and responder policy is not created ¿? If we bind manually inside NetScaler it works perfectly.

Did you know wht's wring in the test case? Why responder policy is not binded to lbvs?

Thanks in advanced.

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