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Data misreporting issues - citrix performance analytics



We have been working with the performance analytics tool to evaluate if it can help us with regards the following areas:

- VM availability

- logon time analysis

-session responsiveness

What we have observed is relating to

1. VM availability:

i) Black hole machines misreporting false positive - for systems that have been reported have found VDAs to be available for launch and not causing the black hole affect(eg new sessions being round robined to other systems

ii) Failed machines - again seems to be misreporting all / or nearly all of these - on inspection systems are available 

2. Logon time analysis

i) Seems to vastly misreport the average logon times - particuarly for our virtual desktop workloads

3. Session responsiveness

Seems to report 10-25% of sessions reporting with a poor UX (high latency) - again on inspection vast number of these are misreporting the latency - again inflated 

In addition to this there is "gaps" with regards to historical reporting

Tool overall has potential to add value for us but just with the data it is reporting at present being inconsistent it presents a challenge to us from a "usefullness" perspective. If anyone has thoughts if they encountered similar experiences to above and if they found a way to overcome these misreporting obstacles appreciate any thoughts / guidance.

Many thanks

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