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Stop the url in hte address bar changing to the name of the backend server

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Hi, I have a load balanced webserver, where the when we enter the URL https://<load balanced address>/  it works and redirects to https://<hostesrver>, however we are looking to keep the hostserver name hidden, i.e. for the the url remain displayed as the load balanced address. This would need to apply for  other urls on that domain as well, 

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Most likely, the application is providing content with hard coded links imbedded in its content.   Links which include the http(s:)//server_name/ rather than relative links which just provide the directory locations, like: /folder/application/ 

Have the app own change this behavior or use the NetScaler URL Transform feature to modify requests from an external version seen by outside users to an internal URL seen only by your Web servers, and vice versa.   Here is a code example where users see abc.happy.com but the server sees xyz.happy.com.  


add transform profile demo_app_80_abc.happy.com_profile
add transform action abc.happy.com demo_app_80_abc.happy.com_profile 100
set transform action abc.happy.com -priority 100 -reqUrlFrom "https://abc.happy.com/(.*)" -reqUrlInto "https://xyz.happy.com/abcdefg/$1" -resUrlFrom "https://xyz.happy.com/abcdefg/(.*)" -resUrlInto "https://abc.happy.com/$1" 
add transform policy demo_app_80_abc.happy.com_policy "HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.EQ(\"abc.happy.com\")" demo_app_80_abc.happy.com_profile -comment "ADM Stylebook managed"
bind lb vserver demo_app_80 -policyName demo_app_80_abc.happy.com_policy -priority 8000 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type REQUEST


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