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Is there a way to resync the state of the configpacks if Instance ID in Citrix ADM has changed?

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Hello Team,

In our Citrix ADM(13.1) on-prem the Instance ID of one of the ADCs has changed for some reason and now the configpacks for this instance are inconsistent:
 - when I try a delete the configpack I get an error that there is no such Instance ID - so the configpack can be force-deleted but the config remains on the ADC.
 - Update of the configpack fails as the ADM tries to configure the LB VIP again on the LB instance as it thinks it is on a new instance and returns "Resource already exists".
 - as a workaround we found that we can manually delete the VIP and the servicegroup from the LB instance and then update the configpack through ADM - so it creates the config again on the ADC and with the new Instance ID saved in the configpack.

The problem is our workaround is disruptive and we have a lot of VIPs in this state.
Is there a way we could resync the configpack in order to get the new Instance ID, without the ADM trying to configure it again on the instance?

This issue seem to have happened after we got our ADM corrupted and had been recovered by the Citrix support. Although this issue didn't appear for other LB instances.

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For the record, we found a solution which is non-disruptive:

1) Export the configpack through the ADM GUI.

2) Modify the instance ID in the exported json.

3) Import the configpack through the ADM GUI with the following Advanced Option checked:

"Only allow creation of new configuration if all config objects already exist on ADC"

Then the ADM does an audit of the configuration on the ADC and if it matches to what it has in the configpack/created objects it proceeds with the import. 

After the above the ADM just updated the old configpack(instead of creating a new one) without modifying the configuration on the ADC and without even changing the configpack ID. Only the Instance ID was fixed which is what we wanted. Looking at the logs of the ADC it seems that ADM did some "set" commands on the VIP/servicegroup but the final configuration remained the same. 



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