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Client proxy settings are always overwritten when Gateway VPN starts

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A company is using a complex setup of client proxy for their windows clients.
The setup has different proxy.pac files for each country and department. 
This is configured using Group Policy, and works fine.

But when using Netscaler VPN, then client proxy settings are always reset by the Access Gateway Plugin to whatever is set in the Session Profile.
This happens no matter which setting is chosen in the Session Profile (

We could of course use a workaround of some sort to solve this - like having a lot of Session Profiles, or having a logon script calling "gpupdate /force"...

Is there a method of making NetScaler VPN not touch the client proxy settings?
Maybe just an option to set proxy = "LEAVE AS IS" ?

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Hmmm - and the setting OFF is of course NOT documented.



also in https://developer-docs.netscaler.com/en-us/adc-nitro-api/current-release/configuration/vpn/vpnsessionaction - "* OFF - Proxy settings are not configured. " - but i guess, that means NS WILL DISABLE the proxy configuration.


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Hi Allan,

highly interested in your issue. In one setup I'm using NS (13.0 92.21) for SSLVPN. Session-Profile Proxy is set to OFF:image.thumb.png.f50dcfab779357a9b541f7678c1ff2a7.png

I know the customer is also deploying different pac-URLs via GPO. I'm using a non-corp device to set a testproxy config like that:

When I logon via Windows CSA ( the proxysetting consits and there are no changes to that.

Just wondering if it's a bug in a NS-Build and or with a CSA-Build. Following for more :) 


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Posted (edited)

I agree - you are right - the issue is not there if using only the pac-file on clients.

Let me edit the issue: Some of the users are using a direct proxy server setup, and this happens:
Before starting VPN Connection:

After connection:



EDIT: Using NS13.1-51.15, VPX Client CSA

Edited by Allan Møller Pedersen
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