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Citrix Font & Graphical Issues...HELP

Louis Radley


We are running Workspace 2303 & 2311 for all our Local Windows 10 Devices, we also use Intel Iris Graphic Driver, and predominately most users are connected via a dell docking station across two dual screens.

We are then using Windows 10 \ Windows Server 2019 running on Citrix VDA LTSR 7 2203 CU3.

Ever since we moved to windows 2019 -  we have a number of users that reports odd graphic issues display randomly and sometimes on re-connection back to the docking station, as well as that sometimes fonts appear large or small in some office programs, we have also seen the top toolbar inside office & adobe apps, be replaced with a white rectangle box across the screen.

We have tried to triage the issue with Citrix and they have advised us to increase the display memory limit which we have done so, however we still have users affected.

Is there anyone out there who has come across this issue or any potentially steps i can take to remedy this issue.

i have provided images of versions and the issues for awareness. Any help really would be great as the problem has been lingering now for nearly a year.

- Does anyone know if 2311 improve any graphics issues?
- should we update the intel graphics driver to the latest version?
- is it a known winders server 2019 issue alongside citrix?
- is it something on the VDA that maybe someone is aware of?

Intel Graphic Driver.JPG




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