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Users randomly getting disconnected from their sessions (MCS, Server 2019, 2203 CU4 VDA)

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Hoping someone can help me with an ongoing problem my users are experiencing with their VDA sessions randomly disconnecting. The issue is sporadic and is randomly happening. Not all users are reporting it but does not necessarily mean all users haven't experienced it. Either way, it's a frustrating issue and I haven't made much progress support wise. 

Here are some of our environment details: 

  • Randomly allocated MCS Machine Catalogs/Delivery Groups 
  • Citrix VDA 2203 CU4 
  • Windows Server 2019 Session Host OS
  • Various workspace versions from 2204 (I know it is EOL, unfortunately our endpoint team can't upgrade certain old laptop models) to workspace 2311. 

The event logs we are seeing points out that the session was disconnected but isn't entirely helpful in providing the root cause why. Here are the two most recent ones that I have seen:

  • The session '' was disconnected. (Event ID 1049)
  • Connection validation failed on domain '' for user '' for reason 'HashExchangeFailed'. (Event ID 1050). 

I opened a ticket with Citrix Support; however, their suggestions weren't a true fix for our environment. They suggested we disabled session reliability and enabled ICA keepalive, which didn't seem to help with the disconnects and made some user's experience with lower quality internet connections worse. We have thrown out the idea of reverting our VDA version to an earlier one as it would reintroduce some vulnerabilities our security team would be upset about. 

Hoping someone out there has the magic answer! 

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Unfortunately, You're not alone.  We are seeing the same behavior with VDA 2203 CU4, Server 2022 (manually provisioned) and LTSR workspace versions.    I also have a ticket open and they also suggested turning on ICA keep alive.   Event log under System, you'll also find Events 10 and 12 referencing unexpected disconnections.   Hoping for a solution soon as end users are getting frustrated.  Tired of hearing "this didn't happen with Xenapp 6.5". 

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