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Citrix Workspace App Azure AD SSO On-Prem Deployment



Hi all,

I need to sign in to Citrix Workspace App using Azure AD (Entra ID) credentials. This already works for the web interface (Netscaler is configured with SAML). I need SSO enabled, where clients login to their endpoint using Windows Hello.

This is a fully on-prem deployment.

The big question is, do I need DaaS to achieve this? In my opinion and research it seems yes, you need Citrix Cloud. So I would need Citrix Cloud licenses as well.

Is this correct?


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4 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers said:

Are you hitting NetScaler Gateway?  Or are you hitting Storefrront directly.

I'm hitting Netscaler yes. It's a split brain DNS so I hit the internal IP of the Netscaler vserver when I'm in the office. I will hit the external IP from public.

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2 minutes ago, Jeff Riechers said:

If using NetScaler Gateway you can set that to use the same Azure AD connections and it may pass through if it is bringing the token from the initial login.  Also check the Enhanced Authentication in updated CVAD and Workspace App.  Features in Technical Preview | Citrix Workspace app for Windows

I've seen that document but it says that it requires a direct line of sight with Active Directory. Our laptops are everywhere in the field. Not always on the internal network and no always-on VPN.

I don't think it works through Netscaler but I will try.


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