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Cannot open applications after use Cloudflare with dns for blocking connections from other country.


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Has anyone ever moved the Public IP for Gateway VIP to set up with Cloud Flare so that Cloud Flare helps block connections from other country that are not needed?

Before setting that I can open application to launch normally but when configured to change a Public IP to move to Cloudflare that I cannot launch applications but can do it to only logon to StoreFront web and displayed application icons.

No error pop up about error message box after clicked application icon.  

However, I found only if test to use HTML5 to work with applications that I launched application. It seems that it's not work with Citrix workspace.

I want to know that anyone ever done something like this and encountered problems? and how to solve the problem. 



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Cloudflare uses a proxied address by default to hide the real IP address and perform any requested filtering.  A lot of endpoints need to be tweaked to accept sessions from the proxied IP address.   By default, A, AAAA, and CNAME DNS records that serve HTTP/HTTPS traffic can be proxied.  

To check if your entries are proxied, go to the DNS section on Cloudflare.  You'll see something like this:

You can test of proxy is your issue by editing the record and turning off the proxy.  This will also stop the region filtering!


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