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Incorrect username and password



Hi fellow IT guys,


I am currently experiencing the following issue: users have been encountering incorrect username and password prompts for the past three weeks. I have heard from a buddy that a Certificate Authority (CA) change has been made.

Although revocation is disabled and I see that the user certificate is being issued with the new intermediate CA, users are still receiving prompts indicating that their password is incorrect.

Single Sign-On (SSO) is involved in the process, where the Identity Provider (IdP) is Azure and the Service Provider (SP) is the gateway. (ADC)

The configuration appears to be functioning correctly until a user attempts to launch a Desktop.

Should the Store configuration be reapplied, perhaps?

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If a CA change took place you will need to do a few things.

1. Regenerate certs for the FAS servers.

2. Have Domain Controllers fully trust the new CA (easiest method is to generate new LDAP certs from the new CA)

3. Have the new CAs Root and Intermediate replicated out to all machines on the domain that use FAS, like VDA, FAS, Storefront, etc.

Check the Citrix Delivery Services Log on the Storefront server, and the Event Logs on the VDA for more info on what needs to be done.

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