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NCS on-prem proxy settings, Error cannot connect to NetScaler Console service

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Hi all,

We're running NCS 14.1 17.38 and cannot connect to the NetScaler Console service.

The NCS proxy config is asking for username and password which our proxy, managed by another group does not support.

I cannot find documentation on this other than the general CTX no-help docs and I'm definitely a NS/NCS beginner. :\

Please and thank you!

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Hi Greg,

If I understood correctly you are trying to configure your NetScaler Console (formerly named as ADM) On Prem setup to connect to NetScaler Console service with help of Cloud connect feature via your organisation proxy. 

It would be helpful for us understand what you are trying to achieve with proxy configuration on NetScaler Console On Prem ?


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Hi! Yes!

1. We want to use NCS on-prem to download security updates, analytics, etc from Citrix Cloud which we're entitled to/paid for.
2. I installed NCS and saw our two node NetScaler cluster instantly.
3. I've been trying to get proxy access working for NCS. <-- Ignorance.
4. Just last Friday, I found we needed to install an NCS Agent Appliance for NCS proxy access to the Internet/Citrix Cloud. So I installed one. :) All on VMware.

• Now, the issue is when trying to configure the Agent appliance, it fails to connect to the Cloud URL. 
• We have one proxy, I enter the correct port or don't enter a port, it fails every time. 
• I'm using the service URL and NCS image I obtained after logging into the xxxx.adm.cloud.com site via browser.
• All our VDAs are on the same subnet as the Agent and all VDAs have Internet access. :\

Thanks for your reply!


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