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Source IP Persistence doesn't work in 14.1 12.35?

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I used source IP persistence for StoreFront (following Citrix leading practices). Now I found out, that persistence sessions get created, but they time out, even if a user is busy.


before upgrading to 14.1, all entries in the persistence table are extended when the user does something. I want this behaviour back, as users tend to work for 8-10 hours daily, and not just for 30 minutes.

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Hello , 


Ideally the persistence should be working exactly on 14.1 as it worked on previous versions . 


The persistence inactivity should RESET if we have active traffic for the session . So if you feel that the persistence is not happening and persistence timeout is getting triggered even with active traffic , please open a Service request with Citrix Support to investigate this issue further . 



Sam Jose 

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