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VPX Move from SDX to SDX with different MGMT Network

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I have a problem I want to move a VPX from one SDX to another, especially they are not in the same netmask. This is a production VPX that I would like to change during operation via failover.

 I'm having trouble with the route not syncing and I don't know why.

My structure VPX A +B in HA

New network: SDX 10.100..20.0/24

I have created a new VPX in the new network.


I took the VPX B out of the HA. (old network) I added the new VPX B from the New Network and activated INC Network on both sides.

I gave both of them a snip from the old and new network.

So that the synchronization works and also the failover.

When I create a LB it is also synchronized.

But the routes are not synchronized and my question now is why? or do I have to add them manually?


Did I forget something that I didn't notice? Unfortunately I didn't find a guide.

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