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Best Practice for Audio in Citrix 2203 LTSR with Netscaler - UDP or HDX ?

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I have inheritied a Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 2203 CU2 LTSR farm. We remotely access desktops/apps via Netscaler ADC 12.x. Some users have complained that Audio/Video quality is poor fomr the Web browser hosted in their Published Deskop. I do see some high latency on their HDX metrics (~ 200 ms). Compute on the hosts is fine. HDX metrics on the Netscaler show internet latency. Looking at our seutp I note we have not split our Audio into seperate UDP stream and enabled UDP on our Netscaler as per UDP Audio Through A NetScaler Gateway - Citrix Blogs.


What I'm wondering is if this is standard practice these days to enable the seperate UDP stream for Audio? I asked our team why they had not done this and they said they have never had a use case for it. 

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