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Using Python to update Master Image in Machine Catalog

Sharan Mehta


We are using python to automate Master Image updates on all of our Machine Catalogs. I have the script ready to pull the catalogs as described with the python function here - https://developer-docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-daas-service-apis/citrix-daas-rest-apis/how-to-get-machine-catalogs. However, the information I get is far more complex than the sample response provided on the documentation. I want to understand the response I am getting so I can understand what I can change to point my machine catalog toward a new Master Image. Can someone provide some guidance on what fields/values need to be updated to make a successful change just like we would do when updating the master image in the GUI.


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we just started out with the APIs aswell.

I am not quite sure which parameters are mandatory (you may try). I use this JSON Object to set the new Image:


    "MasterImagePath": "XDHyp:\\HostingUnits\\HostingConnection\\master-test.vm\\vda installed.snapshot",
    "PrepareImage": true,
    "DedicatedTenancy": false,
    "SecurityGroups": null,
    "UseFullDiskCloneProvisioning": false,
    "StoreOldImage": "true"

This is working for me. My approach is: If i don't specify it in the GUI, the default may be the best for me.

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