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Citrix hypervisor Build and Configuration guide

Ashok Jagani


We were hoping if any one had a build guide for us to accomplish the below using good practice?


What we want to do.........


Configuration and install Citrix hypervisor using best practice for a 2 site active-active setup isolated from each other.


  • Site DC1: 4 * DC1 hosts with DC1 shared storage
  • Site DC2: 4 * DC2 hosts with DC2 shared storage
  • Both sites will need to connect to Single Shared storage too where we have the master image for building and updated Citrix VDI.
  • The HPE Shared storage at the corresponding DCs will be used to deploy the VDI to and will need to be set so it supports thin provision
  • We have current pool 8 Citrix Hypervisor already using the 8 licences, but we want to do a side by side build  and then migrate users in phases then shut down old, how can we utilise the licenses already to allow this and will it allow the same licenses to be used twice?



For ease of understanding above please see a diagram of how the above should look on the new setup .




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