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How are admins handling Google Chrome profiles since ver 118 with Citrix UPM?

Rick Culler


Just looking for what others are doing to handle Google Chrome profiles (especially since about version 118) when Chrome now has the randomly generated profile names, instead of "User Data"?


Up until this version, we had been using handling Google Chrome profiles with UPM using the file based management. We didn't have anyone syncing their data with their Google account, but ever since, it's been difficult to stay on top of the exclusions using file based UPM.  


And for those more knowledgeable than I, do wildcards work for folders in UPM?  Specifically   if I wanted to exclude AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\*_*\Default\Cache    (where *_* is the randomly generated folder with the only common character is _ ). It does not appear using wildcards in this fashion is working.


So what have you found to be working well with these newer versions of Chrome?

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