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Platform Layer: The compositing engine failed to initialize after '00:20:00'

Uwe Hofmann


I try to configure Platform Layer via VMware Vcenter. It works fine until compositung engine starts und want to connect to elm.

The error output shows this directly. And that's , while the temporary vm starts with an wrong netwotk. I need to change this, because every network has an special VLAN-Tag.

And this vm does not get the Network where elm is configured. 

I can't find any option in the elm console to configure this.

Has anybody an idea to solve this?


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It's the same situation with a template or a vm.


There is no endpoint listening on the elm server ip-adress.

It öooks like it could not connect to the elm ("Now listing on: and https://.. :443)

But template is configured with the same network as the elm server. 

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I think you may also have a case i saw this query on our internal slack this morning but i think you can use a VMware template to define a mac address directly.  Then use that mac address for a reservation.  The key here is you will need different templates wiht different mac addresses and then different connector configs to support packaging more than one layer at a time.  But it you should be able to get that to work.

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