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The clipboard function between two VDI desktops is not working for copy and paste.


Issue Description: I am using a computer to log in to two Citrix VDIs simultaneously, namely VDI-A and VDI-B. I am currently experiencing an issue where I cannot copy data from VDI-A's clipboard and paste it into VDI-B. Sometimes it works, but after some time, it stops working. What could be the possible reasons for this?

Environment Information:

VDA Version: 2109

Citrix Workspace Version: 2302

Later, we upgraded the workspace version to 2203 cu5 LTSR, but clipboard issues persist, where pasting often fails. Is there a solution for this?

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There's been several clipboard challenges over the years. I used to use Repair Clipboard Chain 2.0.1 but haven't in some time and IDK if it still works. Personally I've found sometimes CTRL-C/CTRL-V fails where right-click Copy/Paste works or vice versa. 


Are you trying to use Windows 10 clipboard history? CTX289480 Windows 10 clipboard history fails to paste when user tries to use it on applications published on Server OS VDAs.


Might be this fixed item in VDA LTSR 2203 CU4 that's also in VDA Current Release version 2308

When you copy content from session 1 using clipboard mapping and attempt to paste it into session 2, the content might not appear in the clipboard of session 2. The issue occurs when session 2 is launched after the content is copied from session 1. [CVADHELP-22746]


Or some of these other fixes also in 2308:

Multiple attempts to copy content from the Microsoft Access application might fail as the paste button in the application gets disabled. [CVADHELP-21609]

Copying content using the Copy to text and image option and copying formatted might fail. [CVADHELP-21905]

Best Practice is to run the latest update of VDA. For Current Release that is VDA 2311. If testing multi-session VDA 2203 CU4 be aware of upcoming fix for CTX584794 CVAD 2203 CU4 VDA may experience BSOD With BugCheck code 0x96 INVALID_WORK_QUEUE_ITEM



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On 1/29/2024 at 10:51 PM, Jennifer Knapp said:

多年來,剪貼簿 遇到了一些挑戰我曾經使用過Repair Clipboard Chain 2.0.1,但有一段時間沒有使用過,我不知道它是否仍然有效。就我個人而言,我發現有時 CTRL-C/CTRL-V 會在右鍵單擊“複製/貼上”有效的情況下失敗,反之亦然。 


您是否正在嘗試使用 Windows 10 剪貼簿歷史記錄?CTX289480 當使用者嘗試在伺服器作業系統 VDA 上發布的應用程式上使用 Windows 10 剪貼簿歷史記錄時,該歷史記錄無法貼上。


可能是VDA LTSR 2203 CU4 中的此固定項目,該項目也在VDA 目前發布版本 2308中

當您使用剪貼簿映射從會話1 複製內容並嘗試將其貼上到會話2 中時,該內容可能不會出現在會話2 的剪貼簿中。從會話1 複製內容後啟動會話2 時會出現此問題。[CVADHELP -22746]


或 2308 中還有一些其他修復:

由於應用程式中的貼上按鈕已停用,多次嘗試從 Microsoft Access 應用程式複製內容可能會失敗。[CVADHELP-21609]


最佳實踐是運行 VDA 的最新更新。對於目前版本 VDA 2311。如果測試多重會話 VDA 2203 CU4,請注意即將推出的 CTX584794 修復 CVAD 2203 CU4 VDA 可能會遇到 BSOD,錯誤檢查代碼為 0x96 INVALID_WORK_QUEUE_ITEM


I upgraded the VDA to version 2308 cu5 and found that copying and pasting between two VDIs still fails. Is there any other way to address this issue besides upgrading the VDA version?


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