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Teams on VDA opening in "French Canadian" for few users only


PvS environment with a Production Desktop(Teams version and one Preview Desktop (Patched to January with Teams updated to


A couple of users had complained about Teams opening in French in the Production Desktop. We were hoping with the Teams update, it will be fixed, but some 'other users' are having the same issue on the new 'Preview Desktop'


Deleting the Teams Profile and re-opening Teams works, but reverts to French on logoff and logon. The same user can logon to the other Desktop and Teams opens in English.


We have checked all Group Policies applying to the affected user and cannot find any language setting that will cause this.


We have also checked the "desktop-config.json" file on the affected machine and indeed the language is set to 'CA-FR'. We can change this and it works, but will revert after a logoff and logon.


This 'most likely' isn't a Citrix issue. Talking to Microsoft Support will cost us. So, trying the free option here first to see if anyone has any suggestions to fix.

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So your goal is to have Teams opening only in french canadian ?


Maybe you can try to reset the Citrix profile and not only the Teams profile.

The users who are affected by this problem. Do they have something in common ? (same AD Group, working on the same site...)



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